Eurocopter EC135/635 type rating instructor training / TRI(H) EC135/635

EC135 type rating instructor training entitles the rating holder to act as a multi-engine EC135 helicopter instructor in single pilot crew training.

The training consists of fifty hours of theoretical instruction, during which the teaching methodology is studied and in-depth technical training of the EC135 / 635 helicopter is completed. In addition, five hours of flight instruction in an EC135 helicopter or three hours of flight instruction in a simulator of the appropriate type and two hours of flight instruction in an EC135 helicopter shall be completed.

During the training, theoretical and practical knowledge is acquired to conduct pilot training on an EC135 helicopter. During the flight practice, the methodology of teaching different manoeuvres is practiced, for example, how to train and perform exercises in hovering, circling, landing and take-off. Special emphasis is placed on training in coping with emergencies and different emergency actions are practiced.

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