Our aim at Piloodikool is to provide quality training to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to operate an aircraft safely. Our vision for conducting trainings is a personal approach, keeping in mind the needs and desires of the student, learning focused on safety and offering fun and enjoyment.

Piloodikool is a member of Estonian Aviation Cluster. More information at https://eac.ee/

Our certificates

Piloodikool is a approved training organisation EE/ATO/009 certified by the Estonian Transport Administration.

Our team

Armin is certified flight instructor for helicopters (FI(H))

and airplanes (FI(A)) as well as an approved

examiner (FE(H)/TRE(H))

by the Estonian Transport Administration.

He has flown more than 15 years

with about 20 different airplane and

helicopter types for more

then 2600 flight hours.

The favourite from them to Armin is

Westland Lynx helicopter that has performed

world speed record for helicopters and

flying with seaplane.

At the school Armin is the training manager

and teacher of theory and flight practice.

Martin is approved examiner (FE(H)/TRE(H))

and certified helicopter flight instructor (FI (H)).

He has flown more than 3000 hours on different

types of helicopters. The most memorable

helicopter Martin has flown is Black Hawk helicopter,

which is known from the movie Black Hawk Down.

At Piloodikool Martin is the flight training


Lauri is in approved aircraft engineer

by the Estonian Transport Administration.

He has maintained many different aircraft

type, helicopters and airplanes for more

then 10 years. Lauri flies in his free time either

by paragliding or at the controls of an airplane.

Lauri teaches aircraft construction at


Mario is certified flight instructor on airplanes (FI(A))

and an experienced theory instructor.

In addition to Piloodikool, Mario teaches

various theory subjects also for commercial pilots

at the Estonian Aviation Academy.

At Piloodikool Mario is theory and

flight instructor on airplanes.