Introductory flight by helicopter or airplane.

Introductory flight will answer any questions you may have regarding pilot training. The introductory flight consists of a pre-flight briefing during which the instructor gives you an overview of the manoeuvres to be performed. A flight in a helicopter or airplane during which you will get pilot ‘s first experience in flying airplane or helicopter. The flight itself lasts 30 minutes. During the flight, the instructor introduces everything related to flying, and in addition to the first flight experience, you also get a clear overview of what lies ahead during pilot training.

The duration of the introductory flight is 30 min. With preparation and summary 1h and 30 min.

The cost of introductory flight on the airplane is 550 euros (you can bring 1 friend). The cost of introductory flight on a helicopter depends on the type of helicopter being flown. The Cabri G2 costs 550 euros, the R44 helicopter costs 1000 euros (you can bring 1 friend) and the EC120B helicopter costs 1500 euros (you can take 2 friends).

If you are interested, please contact or by phone +372 58040560.